The gateway arch with La Pigna (The Pine Cone) suspended from its center, overlooking Atwells Avenue, greets visitors from near and far. This traditional Italian symbol of welcome, abundance, and quality has become synonymous with Federal Hill, one of Providence’s neighborhoods best known for its Italian-American community and predominant restaurants, wine, and food specialty shops. During the first two decades of the 20th century, an influx of Italian-Americans immigrated into the area, making it the city’s informal “Little Italy.” During the 34-year period from 1898 to 1932, more than 54,000 Italian immigrants arrived at the port of Providence with the majority of them settling on Federal Hill, a 300 acre land mass that stands high above Rhode Island’s capital city. Though the population of Federal Hill is more diverse today, it still remains a traditional center for the city’s Italian-American community

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