Our public engagement arms centers on engaging members of the U.S.-born community in venues that are convenient and comfortable for them. Some examples of venues include places of worship, community centers, civic clubs, and local schools and universities. Direct engagement presents an opportunity for immigrants to demonstrate the values they share with their new neighbors, and is also a forum to openly discuss apprehensions and misunderstandings about the current U.S. immigration system, rumors about immigrants and immigration, and the barriers to community integration immigrants struggle to overcome.

Welcoming RI is working now to organize many great events in 2012. We’d love to meet you at one of them.

Stay tuned and check out our calendar so you don’t miss out!

National Welcoming Week  (September 13-21, 2014)

During the week of September 13th,  Welcoming America affiliates and partners across the country will participate in National Welcoming Week, a nationwide event that will promote meaningful connections and a spirit of unity between U.S. and foreign-born Americans by providing opportunities to learn about each other and work together for the greater good.

Across the country, longtime residents and their new immigrant neighbors will join together during National Welcoming Week to take part in local community events, organized by Welcoming America’s affiliates and other national and local corporate partners, foundations, small businesses and residents of the community.

Throughout the week, Welcoming America’s affiliates will organize local activities that range from arts and culture events to joint service projects, all designed to lift up the positive messages and visibility of National Welcoming Week.