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Sign our Welcoming pledge!

Show that you support a welcoming state for all who call Rhode Island home!

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1) Invite Us to Speak

We frequently visit schools, universities, social service agencies, civic club, businesses and churches to speak about immigrants and refugees. We can tailor a presentation, workshop or other activity to your group’s needs. Invite us to speak to your network today!

2) Host a Film Screening

Organize a movie showing that touches on immigration and lead a discussion about what it means to be a welcoming community. This can be in your living room, or in a large public venue. Welcoming Rhode Island has access to various films about immigrants and refugees. Host a film screening with one of the following films:

Home Across Lands
Mary Copp, Jessica Jennings, John Lavall & Julie Lewis
Not In Our Town
Patrice O’Neil, The Working Group
The Visitor
Thomas McCarthy, Michael London & Mary Jane Skalski
Welcome to Shelbyville
Kim A. Snyder, Kim A. Snyder


3) Bring Welcoming RI to your Workplace, School or Faith Community

See some ideas below about ways to bring Welcoming RI to your workplace, school or faith community and make them more welcoming.

In Your Workplace

  • Sign the Welcoming Workplaces Pledge
  • Host An Intercultural Potluck at Your Company
  • Mentor a Foreign-Born Colleague
  • Volunteer with Colleagues at an Organization Serving Foreign-Born

Individuals In Your School

  • Offer a Lesson on Immigration
  • Host a Dialogue at Your School
  • Organize a World of Talent

In Your Faith Community

  • Host a Faith Community Learning Circle
  • Offer a Cross-Cultural Service
  • Host a Dialogue with a Faith Leader from your Town/City

4) Organize a Potluck Dinner, Community BBQ, or Cross-Cultural Coffee Hour

Rhode Island has a strong passion and appreciation for food due in part to the diversity of immigrants and refugees in the Ocean State. Host a potluck, barbecue or coffee hour that brings together immigrants and non-immigrants as a way to share food across borders and take your taste buds on a global tour!

5) Become a Welcoming Ambassador!

Ambassadors are key to the Welcoming Rhode Island initiative. Welcoming Ambassadors are trained on the Welcoming approach and will help organize Welcoming Rhode Island events. Contact us to find out when the next Welcoming Ambassador training will take place.

6) Share Your Story

Did you or your family migrate to Rhode Island? Have you had a positive experience of being welcomed as a newcomer to Rhode Island? — Tell us more! To share your story contact us. Your story will appear on the Welcoming Rhode Island website only and will not be shared in any other manner without your permission.

7) Read a Book

There are many books written on immigrants and refugees. We will be adding a list here soon, so check back for some great reads for your school or book club.

8) Play the Immigration Board Game!

Bring a small group of people together to play this game that demonstrates the complexities and pitfalls of the U.S. immigration system, and explains why so many immigrants cannot get legal status.

9) Host a House Party!

Invite friends, family coworkers and neighbors to your home to learn about Welcoming Rhode Island and have a dialogue about immigration. House parties are a great way to help us raise funds to sustain our work and also bring your network into the welcoming circle.

10) Learn more about Immigrants and Refugees in Rhode Island

There are many resources available to help you learn about immigrants and refugees in Rhode Island. Here is a great place to start: New Americans in the Ocean State