Our Principles


  • We believe the majority of U.S. residents are empathetic and compassionate people, and that this compassion is being clouded by the country’s current immigration debate
  • We believe most U.S. residents are hospitable, welcoming and inclusive of diversity and agree we have a shared responsibility to treat all our neighbors with respect and decency
  • We are dedicated to advancing the basic principles upon which the United States was founded, establishing the equality and dignity of all people, including immigrants
  • We recognize that immigrants are fellow human beings and reject the use of de-humanizing language
  • We are committed to raising the level of public discourse concerning immigrants and immigration and
  • We are committed to promoting understanding of the contributions that immigrants make to the U.S. and the effects of immigration on our communities, and to challenging common myths and stereotypes.
  • We believe that Welcoming campaigns are an ideal vehicle for changing the public discourse on immigrants and immigration in our communities